Denise Richards Needs to Let it Go

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The documents that Denise Richards filed in Los Angeles Superior Court recently have been revealed, and of course, Richards believes that the dead horse named “Charlie Sheen is a lunatic sexual deviant” hasn’t quite been beaten enough. Richards included emails from Charlie Sheen and accusations that the actor frequently visited gay porn sites. Page Six reports:

Go cry to your bald mom, you fucking loser…You are a pig. A sad, jobless pig who is sad and talentless and sad and jobless and evil and a bad mom, so go fuck yourself sad jobless pig…You are an evil piece of shit. I can’t wait to tell the world what a piece of shit you are. You don’t get a fucking dime till this is resolved.” Richards says in her court filing that she was particularly hurt by the one about her mother, who is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer.

Pictures of Sheen’s “erect penis” that Richards says he used for his profile on sex sites are also included, which Richards claims he e-mailed to “approximately 30 women.”…Richards says Sheen even visited gay pornography sites – “which I found even more disturbing because I felt that the boys looked underage,” the documents state.”

I’m going to take a wild stab and say, if you’re a chick, telling a judge that your man is insane and jacks off to teen boys might not be the best way to win him back. Which, is pretty much all Denise Richards is trying to do. Every time you turn around she’s filing some kind of document that says Sheen is a freak with Internet access. Um, we know. If I went to a party at Charlie Sheen’s house I’d fully expect to see a dead hooker with a pentagram carved in her chest and someone skimming through his coffee table book, “The Power of Fisting.”