Do Not Watch Mariah Carey Pee

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It’s been a while since Mariah Carey’s crazy and inflated sense of self-worth has popped up , so imagine the luck of the ladies who happened to be in the bathroom at VH1’s Music Cares event. New York Daily News reports:

Mariah Carey, drinking deeply at VH1’s Music Cares event, invaded the ladies’ room with two burly bodyguards. Two women already there say her security tried to evict them, but they refused to leave. Says one: “One of the bodyguards said to us, ‘If you’re going to stay, you better not watch Mariah pee.'”

Oh yeah, baby! Of course I’m gonna watch, because that’s why I’m here, dude. I bought these tickets to a VH1 event at the off chance Mariah Carey would be there and drink too much and have to pee at the exact same time I was in the bathroom. My plan was flawless!