Diddy is a Douchebag

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The list of people who I’d like to drive the base of my palm up into their nose is shorter than you might think, but just to let you know, Diddy is on it twice. He has no real discernible talent other than convincing The Notorious B.I.G. to be his friend, yet he walks around usually doing stuff like this:

A witness outside downtown hot spot GoldBar the other night said, “He walked right up to the door girl with four other people in his crew. When she asked him how many people he was with, Diddy just called her a ‘fucking bitch’ and opened the velvet rope and let himself through.”

Yeah. I wonder how differently that would’ve gone if he wasn’t talking to a chick with a headset and a clipboard. If I had to guess, it would’ve involved Diddy trying not to lose count as he put his teeth in his pocket and trying to find something to hide the smell of urine. Jesus, man. Take a break on the asparagus.

Here’s Kelly Brook because she’s not a bucktoofed clown: