Lindsay Lohan is Not Getting Out

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Despite earlier reports that said Lindsay Lohan was getting out of rehab this weekend, Dina Lohan has ended the speculation. She’s staying. People reports:

Not true,” the actress’s mother, Dina Lohan, 45, told Access Hollywood in an e-mail, “staying in Utah.” A source close to the star also tells PEOPLE: “Lindsay is not leaving Cirque Lodge in Utah any time soon. She has a few more weeks to grow and develop, and she is doing great.”

I’m not sure why she’s still in there anyway, because every time we see her she’s either standing around smoking or going on a hike. Or white water rafting. Is this rehab or summer camp? When she gets out, she’ll still go face first in a pile of blow, but at least she’ll know how to make a delicious S’more. Mmmm, yummy!