Britney Spears is Still Retarded and Gross

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Britney Spears makes $700K a month, but apparently she thought it would be a good idea to go into a Quiznos bathroom in Brentwood yesterday in a shirt she wore as a dress, cowboy boots, and her hair not quite dyed all the way. Seriously, if you’re a Britney fan (and you haven’t been stoned to death yet), at what point are you going to say to yourself, “Wow, this bitch is fuckin crazy.” What is she gonna have to do for that to happen? Really, I’d like to know. Is she going to have to dress up like a clown and ride down PCH on a tricycle for you to take pause? Or will it be when she buys Sean Preston a leash for his pet tiger? Let’s hope so, because at this point if I saw Britney running down the street on fire with nothing but a tire around her waist and her foot in a bucket, it won’t suprise me at all.

Ball up your fist update: I don’t know how I missed this, but be sure to check out the end of the video when an unidentified female (probably Alli) says to the paparazzi :”The babies are inside, please watch out. And they’re sleeping, please.” Awww, how touching.