Katherine Heigl is Bitchy

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Katherine Heigl and Kyle Chandler presented the Emmy for Best Actor in a Drama Series at the Emmys on Sunday, but Heigl made sure it was pretty much all about her after the announcer made the horrible mistake of mispronouncing her name (gasp!). Yeah, Katherine, you show ’em girl. Fuck those nominees, you put that dumb announcer in her place in front of millions of people. Because, really, everybody should know how to say your name. Your totally common and easy to pronounce name. I’m not sure why people can’t say it, because many famous Americans have that name. Our 23rd President, Walter K. Heigl, and Sioux Indian Chief, Wandering Bear Heigl, for example.

You’d think she’d let it go, but not so fast my friends! Watch Katherine bring it up again when she won an Emmy, after the jump…

Katherine in front of the Ivy on September 17th: