Nick Hogan is Doing Well

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In an interview set to air today, Hulk Hogan tells The Insider that his son, Nick Bollea/Hogan, is doing fine and is moving forward after he plowed through the streets of downtown Clearwater, FL, slamming his car into a tree and leaving his passenger, John J. Graziano, in a coma with brain damage. US reports:

It’s just so unfair. There’s not a bad bone in my son Nick’s body, the most important thing to me was from all the eyewitnesses and from everyone who saw the accident, was that they were not racing. Nick’s car was the only car involved. The media jumped on my son. I tell my son to stay strong because at the end of the day when all the facts are in, it was an accident. There wasn’t alcohol or drugs involved. The police said everybody looked straight as an arrow, thank god for that. Nick is doing well, he’s got a broken arm and a broken rib and some stuff wrong with his knees but he’s hanging in there. He’s going to be ok and we’re going to move forward.”

Oh well, thank God. I’m so glad Hulk Hogan let me know that Nick is ok because I’ve been sitting on pins and needles worrying about him. That Iraqi war veteran is laying there in his coma taking all Nick’s attention. He’s probably just jealous of Nick’s rad Toyota Supra.

Brooke Hogan with Swizz Beatz in NYC: