Britney Spears is Coming Back

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Britney Spears has been making a comeback for like three years now, and finally, our prayers have been answered. She’s going to be the opening act for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. US Magazine says:

Of primary importance: her collaboration with Criss Angel on an opening act for MTV’s Video Music Awards, which she reportedly presented to network reps on August 27. “She’s planning it to be a big comeback performance,” says a Spears insider, who adds that the goal is to make it “shocking.” One early idea that was canned? Performing “My Prerogative” amid a medley of hits, as images of exes Justin Timberlake, 26, and Kevin Federline, 29, and other gossip fodder flashed on a screen behind her.”

Oh yeah, baby! I can’t wait, because no matter how long they plan this, it’s still going to end up being the dumbest thing you have ever seen on television. Criss Angel is basically Harry Potter with eyeliner and Britney Spears is a retard, so she should consider it a success if she’s able keep her wig on and doesn’t have to use her inhaler.

Larger versions of Britney forgetting her pants and her other blue contact lens:

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