Kirsten Dunst Got Robbed

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Police have arrested two Brooklyn men, ex-convict Jarrod Beinerman, 33, and one unidentified man, after they entered Kirsten Dunt’s Soho Grand Hotel suite and robbed her blind. Beinerman, a plumber, served three years in federal prison for cocaine distribution and is currently on bail for a February heroin bust. New York Post reports:

…[Beinerman’s] latest alleged caper began Aug. 9, when Dunst, 25, Pegg, 37, who is her co-star in “How to Lose Friends,” and Baruch, 26, left the actress’ penthouse suite at 4:48 a.m., court records indicate. Within minutes, Beinerman was spotted by surveillance cameras entering the hotel at 310 West Broadway, according to records. A source said he was accompanied by his accomplice. Beinerman took a guest elevator to the floor below Dunst’s suite and then took a freight elevator up to the penthouse level. There, Beinerman allegedly walked through an open door into the penthouse and stole items belonging to Dunst and her companions, including $2,500, a Marc Jacobs purse, wallets containing IDs and credit cards, several bags – including one by Balenciaga – two digital cameras, a cellphone and an iPod, records state. Most of the high-value items – including the bag valued at $13,000 – were Dunst’s. Beinerman and his accomplice were caught again on video exiting the hotel with the loot, according to a criminal complaint. The theft was discovered about an 1½ hours later.”

Kirsten is a disgusting miserable bitch, so this really couldn’t have happened to a better person. This guy shouldn’t even have to go to trial. He should be carried around New York on that thing Xerxes had. Lucky for him this didn’t happen in L.A., because Dunst is a big star. If this hotel would have been in Hollywood, this guy would’ve been sentenced to die by firing squad.