Ashlee Simpson is Jealous

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Pete Wentz and his fag hag girlfriend, Ashlee Simpson, celebrated Crobar Chicago co-owner Mike Matushcka’s 40th birthday at Chicago’s Hard Rock Hotel, and let’s just say that the bottomless pit of need and insecurity must run in the Simpson family. Page Six reports:

Simpson refused to let any girl come between herself and her man. When female fans tried to take their pictures with Wentz, Simpson “got whiny and dragged him away,” a spy said.”

Please keep in mind that Pete Wentz is this guy. Yeah. Ashlee could’ve bought a room for Pete and any three of those female fans, locked the door, come back two hours later, and at worst found them painting each others toenails and talking about Zac Efron. OMG, he’s sooo dreamy!

The happy couple on July 27th: