People Hate Britney Spears

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After leaving Kitson on Robertson Blvd., Britney Spears was accosted by the mother of a teenage fan who ran over to get Britney’s autograph. As the girl approached, the mother pushed her daughter aside and proceeded to rip Britney a new asshole. She said:

EXCUSE ME…but I hope you get your life together, work things out with your mother – then start taking care of your children! Family is the most important thing in the world!”Grimacing through this tirade, Britney snarkily smacked gum and blew bubbles – popping them loudly. The mom – uncowed by Britney’s rage-a-holic rep – went right in her face and scolded: “You have absolutely NO manners! You have dirty habits, and you’re a terrible example for young girls – not to mention your fans…if you still have any!”The mortified (yet obviously still star-struck) daughter recoiled as Brit suddenly spit out her pink gum-wad and screamed at the mother: “LADY…MIND YOUR OWN F—–G BUSINESS!” – then stormed off down the street.”

Holy crap, the only way this could have gotten any better is if this lady landed an uppercut while Britney was smacking on that damn gum – sorta like this. Or if she had of one those boxing gloves attached to her belt like Data. That would’ve been cool. Basically anything that would’ve involved Britney flying backwards would have been awesome.

Britney Spears topless, drunk, and whoring at a hotel pool: