Lindsay Lohan is Back in Rehab

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Lindsay Lohan reportedly checked into rehab for the third time this year after being in hiding for the last two weeks following her second DUI arrest. This time Lindsay has entered Cirque Lodge in Sundance, Utah to start an “intense rehabilitation program”. The Insider says:

According to sources within the facility, the 21-year-old star arrived this weekend to begin the intense rehabilitation program that is expected to last a minimum of 30 days. The center treats men and women over the age of 18. According to the Cirque Lodge Web site, upon check-in, a thorough mental and physical examination is completed. The Lodge was named by Town & Country magazine to be one of the country’s top rehabs. For a price tag of $30,000 and up, the rehab offers privacy — with rooms for 16 residents at a time. Rooms boast spectacular views, Jacuzzi tubs and private fireplaces.”

This sure sounds like a place for Lindsay to get some tough love. There’s no way she can relapse after leaving this place. Ask any recovering addict and they’ll tell you that if it wasn’t for “spectacular views” and “jacuzzi tubs” they never would have made it.

Note: The New York Post says Lindsay is at her family’s home in Long Island, so who the hell knows where she is. Is she Waldo all of a sudden?