Jessica Simpson’s Movie Really Really Sucks

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Blonde Ambition, the Working Girl ripoff that Papa Joe Simpson produced thinking it would make his ho daughter a star, won’t even make it to American theaters. Why? Do you really have to ask? US reports:

It is going straight to DVD domestically. It will only come out in theaters internationally,” an insider tells Us Weekly. What’s the problem with the romantic comedy, costarring Luke Wilson, 35? “The movie is absolutely horrible,” says a source. “It’s just a bomb, mainly because of Jessica’s acting.

Papa Joe needs to just accept that this horse is dead, because nobody cares about Jessica Simpson anymore. Her albums don’t sell and her movies suck. I’m not too sure about the science involved, but if they could make it where every time Papa Joe tried to pitch something with Jessica in it, a merman with a trident or a giant robot bear showed up and kicked his ass then said something like, “Not this time…Simpson.” Or they can say whatever. My diagrams don’t really specify.

Jessica and her ugly mom at her stupid swimwear show earlier this month: