Britney Spears is a Real Pro

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Just hours after her complete meltdown during her interview with OK! Magazine, Britney lost it yet again on set of the music video for Give Me More. Looking “dead-eyed and disorientated,” Britney was reportedly rude, uncooperative and eventually ended up storming off the set in tears. NOTW reports:

She was completely uncooperative and left everyone hanging about when she went for an hour’s massage – twice. She just didn’t want to cooperate and was snotty and rude to everyone – behaving like a complete and utter spoiled brat. When she wasn’t pissing people off, Britney was smoking like a chimney. She didn’t eat or drink anything other than can after can of Red Bull. She could have drank 20 of them all told. She had a problem with the extras being about when she did the pole dance. She was shy or embarrassed or something and she really started struggling with the whole thing…Suddenly she was in floods of tears and stormed off set. She eventually came back but was sobbing hysterically… By now it was nearly midnight and the director just called things to an end and sent people home. It was a total shambles…She needs help fast.”

I mean, I really don’t even know what to say anymore. Anybody who works with this basket case is a fucking moron. Of course she’s gonna act like this. It’s Britney. She’ll show up drunk and completely out of her mind then end up crying. You’d have an easier time working with cobras or land mines than anything involving Britney Spears.

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