Britney Spears is a Great Boss

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If you’re looking for a new job, today is your lucky day because Britney Spears just fired her assistant less than three weeks after she was hired. Shannon Funk, was fired on July 25 because she was apparently making Britney look bad. Um, yeah:

Britney felt a lot of her recent troubles started and stopped with Shannon…Britney thought she was talking badly about her. She was very rude and Britney felt she was letting business emails fall by the wayside.”

This is the second Britney Spears assistant to quit or get “fired” this month, so try not to believe this PR bullshit. This Shannon chick probably ran out screaming when she walked in on Britney trying to dip her cat in butter or trying to give her kids a bath in Clorox. “Dat burnin’ mains it’s cleanin’, ya’ll!”

Britney and Shannon during happier times: