Lindsay Lohan Got Arrested

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TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan arrived at the Beverly Hills Police Department yesterday to be officially arrested for her DUI she received in May:

According to the official Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department website, Lohan was held in custody for about an hour around 4:00 PM, until she was released on $30,000 bail. Sources close to the case tell TMZ that this was simply a routine process, as often times people arrested for driving under the influence are simply cited and released.”

Hmmm, really? Because I’d love to hear “simply a routine process” the next time I get drunk and crash my car full of cocaine into a tree before I abandon it and flee the scene. That would be great. In a more likely scenario, the cops wouldn’t even wait to get out of the car before I was beaten and chained like I was going on a cruise to the New World.

That chick who’s dressing like her now is that loser Lindsay met in rehab: