Lindsay Lohan Has Nice Wrists

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Here’s Lindsay Lohan leaving Mel’s Diner last night with one of the turds from Filthy Rich Cattle Drive. Lindsay has long been rumored to be a cutter, because as I’m sure you know, it’s really hard to be a rich and famous multi-millionaire. All that never having to worry about making mortgage payments, affording food, utility and health insurance bills can really be emotionally scarring, so much so that you make retarded attempts at killing yourself. I can see it now … Lindsay curled up in the corner with with a plastic Fisher-Price toy butter knife telling everyone she’s “gonna do it,” she “swears!” and then stabbing her wrists through her 600 bracelets. It’s all very sad in the funniest ways.

Note: I don’t know if these are scars or veins, but I do know she’s wearing less than her required amount of flair on that wrist, and that’s the first time I saw it in hi-res.

Update: By request, here’s a hq shot of Lindsay’s “breathe” tattoo on her other wrist.