Lindsay Lohan and Criss Angel are Dating

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Fresh out of rehab, Lindsay Lohan is continuing her quest to screw every living male on earth.

Lindsay Lohan has been spotted enjoying a romantic evening with Cameron Diaz’s alleged ex-lover Criss Angel. The ‘Mean Girls’ star was seen holding hands with the 39-year-old magician at Las Vegas nightclub Pure on Saturday before the pair left together at 5am. Onlookers claim the pair then went back to Lohan’s hotel suite.”

Criss Angel is basically Harry Potter with eyeliner and too much jewelry, so it’s easy to imagine why he’d jump at the chance to hit this. He was married to this. Then he dated Cameron Diaz. Now he’s banging Lindsay Lohan. Jesus, this guy can levitate across buildings, you’d think he could at least turn a phone book or a puppy into Adriana Lima.

Lindsay Lohan and Criss Angel at Pure in Las Vegas on Saturday: