Rumer Willis’ Friends Will Kick Your Ass

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A celeb photographer suffered three cracked ribs, a dislocated shoulder, and a concussion after two friends of Rumer Willis brutally attacked him when he had the audacity to take Willis’ picture as she was leaving the ESPY Awards after party. TMZ reports:

…According to witnesses on scene, one of the men allegedly tripped a photographer who was attempting to take pix of the star. As the stunned shutterbug got up and tried to identify the culprit, we’re told another friend of the wannabe-bodyguards grabbed the photog by the head and slammed him to the ground head first, knocking him out and causing convulsions.”

Rumer Willis looks a like male Demi Moore impersonator, so you’d think she’d wet her panties if somebody willingly pointed a camera at her. But not only does she not like it, apparently it’s reason enough to make some poor guy flop around on the pavement like a cat just hit by car. Although I appreciate her friends’ enthusiasm, maybe somebody should mention to them that they’re walking down the street with Rumer Willis. They might as well go out in public with the Loch Ness monster. At least people would recognize who they’re with.

Update: A quick note… TMZ is reporting these guys are not actually friends with Rumer and they’re just random assholes.

Maria Sharapova, Camilla Belle, Carmen Electra and Kendra Wilkinson yesterday at the ESPY awards: