Britney Spears is a Drunken Mess

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Not even five months after her public meltdown, Britney Spears is reportedly on the verge of breaking new ground at rock bottom. Having estranged herself from her mother and her family (little sister Jamie Lynn has sided with their mother and her cousin/best friend Ali no longer hangs out with her), Britney’s only companions are her male nanny and the voices in her head. MSNBC reports:

Spears is “drinking heavily again, binge shopping and eating like there’s no tomorrow,” according to Star magazine…”On several occasions, I have seen her pouring alcohol into energy drink cans,” a source told the tab. And, says one insider: “Britney requests that her alcohol be served in carafes rather than in bottles. Once, a waitress made the mistake of bringing her a bottle. Brit grabbed her arm and told her she couldn’t be seen with it.”

Britney also showed that not only is she a fat alcoholic, but she’s also a desperate loser at the L.A. club, Joseph’s, on June 25th:

The singer stripped down to a purple bra and “was dancing and singing her own music, which she brought in,” an “observer” told Star. She allegedly was also “brazenly flirting” with DJ Eric Cubiche, although his fiancee actress Jaime Pressley was nearby. [Pressley was] said to have “played it cool.”

I’m not even joking when I say that it is my sincere wish that this idiot ends up living in an alley behind a Taco Bell, spending her days looking for cigarette butts and performing her songs for rats and oncoming traffic. And when people stop to point and laugh, she’ll tell them not to get too close because the blue mailbox is a time machine that God told her to protect.

Britney using a public restroom and not using a bra on July 9th: