Josh Duhamel Has Low Self-Esteem

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Despite starring in the #1 movie in the country, Josh Duhamel is still managing to date Fergie. In fact, it’s going so well that he’s installed a stripper pole in his house so Fergie can dance for him. Duhamel says:

Fergie is taking lessons, but she won’t get on it until she knows what she’s doing, ’cause she doesn’t want to look stupid.”

He also claims he wouldn’t have had a shot with Fergie when she was younger:

She would have been too hot for me in high school. I would have been intimidated by her.”

Whatever voodoo curse or enchanted spell Fergie put on this poor guy is pretty good because there’s no way he would willingly want to wake up next to this (and this!). Fergie has a kick ass body, but I hope that stripper pole came with an Angelina Jolie mask because from the neck up she looks like some sort of unidentified species. You normally see a face like hers on the Discovery Channel when divers are exploring a sunken pirate ship or a cave with bones out front.

Fergie in London on July 9th: