Teri Hatcher is Wonderful

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Apparently no one told Teri Hatcher that she wasn’t the bride because she saw Eva Longoria’s wedding as an opportunity to make herself the center of attention. Hatcher commissioned an outfit from Badgley Mischka that looked like a bridesmaid dress, even though she wasn’t a bridesmaid and, and she used the Paris church, St. Germain l’Auxerroix, as background for a photo op. NY Daily News says:

A private walkway was set up so that as the celebrities exited the bus from the hotel, they could sneak through the fans and paparazzi,” says one guest. “Felicity [Huffman] and Nicolette [Sheridan] walked into the church hand in hand, but Teri took her daughter and walked around into the public area to pose for photos and wave to fans for 10 minutes.”…”It was so strange! Everyone else was so excited to be going into the church for the wedding, and all of a sudden, Teri broke away from the group to make sure she was seen and photographed.”…”All the other girls are very close friends and hang out in each others’ trailers and even at their homes,” says an on-set source. “But Teri never joins in the fun and chat sessions and often runs late for scenes, and causes awkwardness on set.”

There comes a point where you just have to start believing everything you read about Teri Hatcher. Every story you hear about her is pretty much the same, so either the government is using gossip blogs to deliver its anti-Teri Hatcher propaganda, or Teri Hatcher is just a bitch. I’d probably be a bitch too if I was a 42 year old woman who couldn’t keep a man and looked like a scarecrow, but my mom says the ladies can’t resist me. Especially in my penny loafers and bow tie. Can’t touch this!