Eva Longoria is Married

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Eva Longoria and Tony Parker were married in a civil ceremony officiated by Paris Mayor Bertrand today in preparation for their celebrity-filled traditional ceremony this weekend. MSNBC says:

French law requires couples who marry to make their vows official at a city hall, even if they have a church wedding as well. They and their entourage have given very few details about the nuptials. The couple were thought to be planning a second wedding ceremony Saturday at a Paris church that used to serve French royals. Then, they and their guests were to party at Vaux-le-Vicomte, a 17th century chateau 34 miles southeast of Paris. The couple have enjoyed the tourist sights in the lead-up to the wedding.”

Unless Eva Longoria invents a time machine or discovers Atlantis, this is pretty much going to be the pinnacle of her life. Her husband is a perennial NBA All-Star, she’s a shitty actress on a soap opera. At least now she can get some respect. When the strippers Tony Parker bangs on the road answer his hotel room phone, those bitches will know to address her as “Mrs. Parker.”