Transformers Kicked Ass

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Transformers raked in $27.5 million on it’s first full day of release, setting the record for the highest opening ever on a Tuesday. Yahoo says:

After earning $8.8 million from Monday night screenings across the United States and Canada, the movie pulled in $27.5 million the next day — a sum billed by Paramount as the biggest Tuesday haul for a movie…Despite its success, “Transformers”‘ take falls considerably short of the one-day record of $59.8 million set by “Spider-Man 3” two months ago, on a Friday. The previous record for a Tuesday was set last month, when “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” earned $15.7 million, according to Viacom Inc.-owned Paramount.”

Sure, people will say they only watch enlightening documentaries or movies about an improbable love between two quadriplegic lesbians or whatever boring crap people see to seem smart, but when it comes down to it, they want to see stuff like this. Hot girls and explosions. No matter what the emo chick at Blockbuster you’re too scared ask out tells you.