Lindsay Lohan Has Wonderful Friends

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Lindsay Lohan is already displaying her powerful lack of judgment, as sources say she has befriended Dori Cooperman (this fugly woman), a disgraced New York socialite who was arrested on forgery and larceny charges in April for swiping a neighbor’s $4,300 check and depositing it. Cooperman entered Promises in early June for help with prescription pills and alcohol, but she extended her stay just to be around Lohan. Page Six reports:

Cooperman was close to the starlet’s side at all times, and one friend said, “She loves the attention.”…”Dori will be just thrilled to see her face in Us Weekly,” sniped one partygoer. “Lindsay’s been warned about her. Right now, she’s being really nice and friendly to everybody, but everyone knows what Dori’s agenda is.”

Lindsay is a black hole of insecurity and need, so it’s no surprise that this nobody is now Lindsay’s new BFF just because she spent a month kissing Lindsay’s ass. Lindsay could watch you behead a family of immigrants, and as long as you said she looked hot in Mean Girls, she’d ask you if you had a pen so she could write down directions to her party.

Lindsay partying yesterday:

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