Elton John is a Little Bitch

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Being the prissy little diva that he is, Elton John caused a scene at the Concert For Diana when security forced him to walk 50 yards (gasp!) to his dressing room and after party at the old Wembley Arena. The drama started when the road Elton’s car was on was sealed off in anticipation of Prince William and Prince Harry’s arrival. This is London reports:

[Elton’s] driver then said, “I have an important artist in the back who needs to get to his dressing room”. The policeman said, ‘I don’t care who’s in the car, you cannot drive down this road right now”. At that point, Elton wound down the window and screamed at him…”Get out of my fucking way! Don’t you know who I am? I’ve been working all fucking day and I need to get to my fucking dressing room!”…”The policeman calmly said to him, ‘Sorry but you are not going in this road. You have to get out and walk from here or take a drive around the block. We’re waiting for the princes, who are coming through here any minute’…”The driver started to move and at that point, the policeman stood in front of the car gesturing to put his hands on the bonnet. The policeman was saying to the driver, ‘Stop there or you’ll be arrested’.”

It’s times like these when that police officer is thankful for his intense training. You just never know when a hair-plugged 60 year old midget in tails and rhinestones might throw a hissy fit. When he stomps his feet and puts his hand on his hips or starts those doggy-paddle slaps, a cop really needs his razor sharp senses.

Some photos from the Concert For Diana: