Jessica Simpson’s New Movie Sucks

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Blonde Ambition, the new Jessica Simpson vehicle loosely based on the Best Picture nominee, Working Girl, is turning out to be a pile of shit. Surprised? New York Daily News reports:

First, the release date was set for Aug. 3, and then it was delayed until the last week of August,” says an insider. “Papa Joe then intervened and said he wasn’t comfortable with the level of competition from other films that month.” Another source says: “Jessica was not very focused on-set and flubbed her lines often. She always had her dog around, was on the phone with [then-] boyfriend John Mayer or was sitting in a warmed-up SUV.”

Well of course this movie is going to suck, but the latest rumor now is that she and Jake Gyllenhaal “have a crush on each other” and they supposedly met up some time last week for their first date. When asked for comment, Jake said, “Seriously, like OMG, am I really fooling anybody anymore? I mean, Jessica Simpson could pass for a woman, right? How does my ass look in these jeans?”

Watch the Blonde Ambition trailer after the jump…

Jessica’s dress might be a little too long: