Britney Spears Has the Voice of an Angel

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Although Britney Spears agreed to perform at Cyndi Lauper’s L.A. stop on her True Colors tour with Erasure, Debbie Harry and The MisShapes, she canceled because they told her she would actually have to sing. A source tells Page Six:

There’s no way. Britney said she would only dance or lip-sync – and to be on stage with Cyndi, you have to actually perform. It’s not happening now.”

Without a producer’s magic wand, Britney’s voice sounds like a bag of kittens in a fire, so imagine her shock when they told her she’d actually have to sing live. Time to get excited about her big comeback, Britney fans! If you can’t wait to see it, just get your overweight friend drunk and let her stumble around to your Britney CDs. It’ll be just like being there!

Check out an awesome video full of Britney Spears not lip syncing after the jump!

Britney Spears Not Lip Syncing

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Britney wearing a thinner girl’s clothes on June 26th: