Alicia Silverstone Has a Few Clogged Pores

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This is Alicia Silverstone leaving the Ken Paves salon the other day with a face full of gross. Celebrity Babylon reports:

Her skin was terrible,” says our snapper, “and half the photogs out there were waiting for Eva Longoria to come out, and they had no idea that was really Alicia!” The actress prides herself on her strict vegetarian diet, and exercise routine, but it seems to have had an adverse reaction to her skin!”

Ken Paves is that skinny dork who’s Jessica Simpson’s BFF and responsible for making Jessica look like perpetual shit, so it’s no surprise Alicia looked like this leaving his salon. Jessica is also famous for having a wicked case of acne, so apparently that’s contagious, too. If she sticks around Jessica Simpson’s people a little longer, maybe Alicia will also be lucky enough to grow a penis, a giant hump nose and get molested by Jessica’s dad.

Images courtesy of Celebrity Babylon