Lindsay Lohan is Staying

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Although she was scheduled to leave Promises rehab facility next week, Lindsay Lohan has agreed to extend her stay for an undetermined amount of time. She will reportedly stay beyond her 21st birthday on July 2nd, the date she once planned to throw a Las Vegas bash. Sources say the party will take place off the facility grounds, but “no alcohol will be served.” NY Daily News reports:

She’s going to be doing extended care. It was her choice,” Lohan’s mother, Dina, said as she appeared at a Long Island courtroom for a conference on her ex-husband’s request for visitation rights with their children. Dina Lohan said she speaks to Lindsay every day and insisted, “She’s doing great.”…”Lindsay is looking to rebound even better,” said Ty Dux, Dina Lohan’s security guard/publicist. “She wants to prove to everybody that she means it.”

Oh, please. She’s on her second stay in rehab, not her second tour in Iraq. And unless Promises has a holodeck, Lindsay’s been photographed everywhere except Promises since she checked herself in. I’m not sure how wearing a biking and riding a tricycle is going to help Lindsay stay off drugs. What am I, a doctor? Sorry if you believed that last night, baby.

Lindsay, not at Promises, on her way to a movie in Santa Monica on June 24th:

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