Katie Holmes Might Not Be Pregnant

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And as quickly as the fire began, Tom Cruise’s representatives put it out. Metro UK reports:

…last night Cruise’s agent told Metro: ‘They are not expecting a second child. Tom is preparing for his next movie.’…The rumour mill was kick-started when a friend of the couple said: ‘Katie and Tom are thrilled about having another baby on the way.’ Last month, the Dawson’s Creek actress put the world on baby watch when she was asked on America’s Entertainment Tonight programme if the couple planned more children, to which she replied: ‘Yes, definitely.'”

Man, I don’t know what to believe. Scientology is a freakish cult cloaked in secrecy and lunacy, so forgive me if I don’t take this guy’s word for it. For our sake, let’s hope it’s not true, because we haven’t even heard Suri speak yet. It could either be “Me like cookies and ponies” or “Attention people of earth!!!”