Anne Hathaway is Fraudulent

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Anne Hathaway, who has received praise for her charitable work in such places as Nicaragua and Honduras, is currently under fire due to the fact that the organization which sponsors her efforts, Follieri Foundation, is the current target of a multi-million dollar lawsuit claiming improper use of corporate funds. The foundation was established by property developer Raffaello Follieri, Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend.

…a prominent Californian investor accuses Mr Follieri of “wilfully and systematically misappropriating” at least $1.5 million intended for a joint property venture. The lawsuit alleges part of the money was improperly loaned to the Follieri Foundation, of which Hathaway is a board member. According to legal records, Mr Follieri also lavished hundreds of thousands of dollars on private jets for himself and Hathaway, on a penthouse apartment in New York and at five-star hotels and restaurants.”

Anne Hathaway has tried being a lesbian and now corporate embezzling and she still can’t get anybody to recognize her on the street. Hopefully this will send her into a downward spiral of insecurity and self-doubt that ends up with her in Playboy barely wearing a sexy nurse outfit. Or dressed as Laura Croft. Either or. My diary doesn’t really specify.