Angelina Jolie is Still a Freak

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Angelina Jolie is in Prague filming her new new movie, Wanted, and recently took a break to visit a sex shop and purchase a black leather garter belt and a black riding crop. Mike Walker asks:

Since Angelina doesn’t ride horses in her movie, this week’s intriguing gossip question is: If the idea is to whip up a little consensual fun, who’s the whip-ee? Or is the crop simply a decorator accessory destined to hang on a wall?”

If you’re still beating your head against the wall as to why Brad Pitt would leave Jennifer Aniston, be a father of four in just two years and eat something that looks like soup out of a skull in Africa, please let this be your final clue. It’s all worth it when you get home and Angelina rides you like a mechanical bull. Angelina Jolie could run over my parents and I’d offer her a back massage to calm her nerves.