Lindsay Lohan is Back in Rehab

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Lindsay Lohan reportedly checked into Promises rehab facility yesterday afternoon, after her wild Memorial Day weekend in which she was arrested Saturday morning and photographed Sunday morning passed out in a car. A friend says:

She finally realizes it’s the right thing to do. She is going willingly.”

However, sources say that’s a far cry from Lindsay’s mood last night at the L.A. club, Teddy’s:

Insiders say Lindsay was partying as hard as ever at a 944 Magazine party and kept insisting she didn’t care about the consequences of her arrest when cocaine was discovered in her wrecked Mercedes convertible. She was later photographed seeming to be out of it in the front passenger seat of a car being driven by her friend, disc jockey Samantha Ronson.”

Wow, you have to give it up to Lindsay. Going to rehab twice in six months and still being a drug abusing drunk is pretty impressive. Although it’s not as impressive as the time I got that food server’s phone number at Denny’s. She was so nervous she wrote her number down wrong, so I went back later and they said she had quit and moved away. Man, she must have been so embarrassed!

The night Lindsay Lohan crashed her car and fled the scene: