Mischa Barton Gets Hospitalized

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Mischa Barton was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital last night after “suffering an adverse reaction to medication.” TMZ reports:

…the former “OC” star was at a friend’s Memorial Day BBQ enjoying a few holiday cocktails when she began to feel extremely ill. Mischa, who has been quite sick with bronchitis since traveling to Cannes, London and Paris the past several weeks, apparently didn’t get the memo — you can’t drink alcohol while taking antibiotics!”

Mischa Barton’s publicist probably had this excuse sitting on ready since the unofficial reason she was rushed to the hospital was because she was high on mushrooms and cocaine and panicked to the point where she “thought she was dying.” This is a more reasonable scenario, because Mischa Barton likes drugs. This of course is not to be confused with the time that the paramedics had to come to my birthday party because I mixed wine coolers with Flinstone vitamins. What can I say? I’m pretty hardcore like that.

Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie shopping before the party:

Note: Yes, that’s Mischa Barton with bronchitis smoking marijuana on a yacht in Cannes in the banner picture.