Jessica Simpson is Irresistible

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Recently-sorta-single Jessica Simpson was in France Saturday night where she attended an exclusive party on a private yacht after attending a Vanity Fair party, and made an ass out of herself Page Six reports:

The part-time girlfriend of John Mayer “spent the whole night following Leonardo DiCaprio around like a lost puppy,” said our source. “He just seemed freaked out and kind of ignored her.” Simpson’s rep could not be reached.”

Wow, sorry Jessica. It must have been a blow to your self-esteem when you’re supposed to be an international sex symbol and Leonardo DiCaprio ignores you like a homeless man holding a sign. You poor thing, who knows what must’ve been going through your mind? “Is it…is it me?”, “Should I have worn a bra?”, “Seriously, what’s the deal with my chin? Does my face really look like a carved pumpkin?”, “Should I get this thing removed?”. In short, yes.