Britney Spears Still Has Gross Boobs

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Does this girl ever look at candid pictures of herself? I’m not talking about the ones People magazine, et al shove up their magic pretty-butts and poop out on the newsstands. I’m talking about real shit, like this. Britney, your tits are pizza slices. No, that’s implying they’re edible. These are slices someone got at Don’tGiveAFuck Pizzeria with jacked-up crust and one pitiful piece of pepperoni sliding off the end of each greasy slice. Get it now? Or should I try reverse psychology and tell you those breasts are delicious? What will it take to convince you to WEAR A FUCKING BRA?

Oh my God, and those way too long, way too low waisted-style pants she wears all the time and drags under her ugly little feet!! Must not look at these pictures anymore. I just can’t take the optical abuse.