I Know Who Killed Lindsay Lohan

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Sony Pictures’ official site to promote Lindsay Lohan stripping in I Know Who Killed Me is online. This is the movie semi-officially known as “that movie where Lindsay Lohan plays a stripper” which almost no one can’t wait to see. She dresses in less than this every day, and we already know what she looks like naked so, yawn. Lindsay is box office poison and any movie she’s in is as good as fucked as soon as she’s named part of the cast. People should bottle and sell her. I added this picture to some water and poured it on the “Queen Latifah” and “Jennifer Lopez” sections of my movie store, and *poof* they were gone. It was a good day at Blockbuster. Amazon, here I come!


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Here are some screencaps from the I Know Who Killed Me site:

Thanks to Karen and Travis for the heads up!