Lindsay Lohan is Sponsored By Vodka

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Although Lindsay Lohan went to rehab and is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, Svedka vodka has agreed to sponsor her 21st birthday party in Las Vegas on July 2nd. Along with sponsors, Pure nightclub and Caesars Palace, Lindsay is set to earn in upwards on seven figures. New York Daily News reports:

In the pay-to-play world of celebrity events, Vegas nightclubs alone have been known to offer up to $400,000 to land a top name… Her rep said, “I am unaware of who is sponsoring Lindsay’s birthday, as I am not the one planning it.” But Lohan’s lawyer Mike Heller confirmed the vodka deal. “This should be one of the best parties ever…”

Vodka is the only thing this skank drinks, so not in the history of things sponsoring other things has something made more sense. It’s like a Paris Hilton party sponsored by Siemens or a Kelly Clarkson party sponsored by the McRib.