Britney Spears Parties Hard in Miami

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Scene in the Tropics, a blog devoted to Miami nightlife, has posted a timeline of Britney’s recent trip to Miami culled from numerous eyewitnesses. Here are a few of the entries. Specifically, Britney getting drunk off her ass. Yay rehab!:

Again, with backup dancers, Spears moved into the VIP room and settled down with several bottles of Grey Goose and champagne. Spears was doing shots. “Lots of them,” says our source. Purple Hooter Shots, in fact—part vodka, Chambord and 7-Up. Spears requested the DJ play Bob Sinclair’s World Hold On,” Fergie’s “Glamorous,” and “anything by Nelly Furtado.” Spears apparently has a thing for her.

She also visited the private VIP bathroom several times. “Like 80 times,” says one spy.

Says one witness, “Spears was dancing around like a crazy lady. She is definitely back in the scene.”

Britney is back in the scene, baby! Because we all know there’s nothing sexier on South Beach than a fat, 26 year old mother of two with bad hair extensions and acne looking for her third husband. Look out, this could get hot!

Britney saggy with no bra in Miami on May 20: