Megan Fox is Hot

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It’s hard to believe chicks like Lindsay Lohan and Eva Longoria are able to top Maxim’s “Hot 100” list with people like Megan Fox around, but whatever. Megan Fox, who’s most famous for being engaged to Brian Austin “David Silver” Green, is undeniably hot … but … oh my god, those lame, unoriginal, distracting tattoos ruin every one of these pictures. Why do people, especially gorgeous people who should be naked all the time, insist on putting so little thought into such a permanent mark? Do they think it’s a Pin the Tail on the Donkey game? Do they throw a blindfold on, spin around and pick anything on the wall of the tattoo shop? “Yay, Marilyn Monroe! Only 2 million other people have that tattoo already. Jackpot!”

Note: No offense if you’re one of those 2 million people. I’m sure yours is very original.