Paris Hilton Only Gets Half

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In news to make your fists clinch, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore says Paris Hilton will only serve 23 days of her 45 day jail sentence. During her stay at the Century Regional Detention Center beginning June 5th, Paris will be housed in a special unit reserved for high profile inmates such as celebrities and public officials. Us Magazine reports:

Despite the fact that Hilton, 26, appeared late for her latest court date, her sentence was shortened by police officials on account of good behavior, Whitmore said….Like everyone else in the 2,200-inmate facility, Hilton will get at least an hour outside her cell each day to shower, watch television, participate in outdoor recreation or talk on the telephone, he said.”

Good behavior? Whatever. Paris Hilton is spoiled, self-centered racist. She could stop global warming or cure AIDS and her obituary would still include the word “skank,” yet Los Angeles County thinks she deserves to be on a stamp. The only thing she deserves to be on is the grill of my truck. Oh please, don’t get all offended. My truck is actually pretty nice.