Cameron Diaz is Still Crying

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Last New Year’s Eve, a newly single Justin Timberlake attended a party thrown by Kate Hudson where several rumors surfaced that the pair hooked up. When Hudson ran into Cameron Diaz recently, she took the opportunity to clear the air.

Kate and Cameron ran into each other outside the bathroom at the Waverly Inn a couple of Saturdays ago. Kate told Cameron: ‘I didn’t sleep with your man, you know.'” According to the source, “Cameron teared up, and they hugged.”

Oh God, who gives a shit what Cameron Diaz thinks? She’s just a fugly hag who’s bitter that Justin is licking on this every night. Kate Hudson should’ve just walked up to her and said “Man, it sure is hot out here today, but not as hot that time Justin and I had sex. Hey, you remember that?!” Then Cameron would cry and cry, and Kate would just laugh and suggest suicide. In Kate’s defense, you can’t argue with its success rate. Good luck, Cameron!

Diaz, Barrymore and Cameron’s new boyfriend, Criss Angel in Vegas on May 13:

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel yesterday in the UK:

Update: Hey, Cameron … check this out! (Thanks, Jake!)