Paris is Caught on Camera Driving AGAIN

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Five days after she was sentenced to 45-days in jail for violating the terms of her probation by driving with a suspended license, Paris Hilton was photographed driving her blue Bentley in Hollywood. Yes, your math is right. This idiot was driving yesterday.

Despite having her license suspended, Paris was followed by photographers as she lost her way in LA, finishing up in a dead-end even after reading print-out directions. Photographers also reported she pulled three u-turns in a search for her final destination.”

I have a suggestion for Paris’ lawyers: flashcards.

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Note: is reporting Paris’ license was reinstated in March, so this may not be a big deal after all.

After firing her lawyer Howard Weitzman, here’s Paris crying uncontrollably as she leaves famed DUI defense attorney Richard Hutton’s office yesterday. I guess his news wasn’t that good either. Video thanks to TMZ.