No Clemency For Paris Hilton

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We received a stack of emails asking us to create a petition in response to Paris Hilton’s petition asking Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to intervene and keep Paris out of jail. And since TMZ is reporting the Governor has been made aware of Paris Hilton’s petition, we’d like to make him aware of ours. So…

Please sign our No Clemency For Paris Hilton petition.

Your email address is required only for validation and to make the petition more legit, but your email address is not published for anyone else to see. It’s a more reputable (using that term loosely) online petition site than the one Paris Hilton is using. Once there are enough validated signatures, we’ll send it over to the Governor. And I’m quite sure he’ll be flattered when I tell him I watched Predator and Terminator 2 about two times each over the past four days. It’s only because I was too lazy to go find the remote, but shh, he doesn’t need to know that part.

Update: Our petition is already getting press attention, and it’s only been active for a couple hours, so thanks for spreading the word, baby.

Update: Paris Hilton was caught on camera driving again yesterday.