Britney Spears Better Take That Hat Off

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Here’s Buttney on her way to the House of Blues in Anaheim yesterday (for her disappointing show that night), and she’s wearing a goddamn UNLV hat. So now I’m convinced it’s her fault the Runnin’ Rebels didn’t make it to the Final Four this year. We were doin’ fine, we were on our way… it’s only been about 104 years since we’ve been there, but apparently Britney Spears touched one of our hats at some point and fucked it all up. You think maybe if I wear one of her concert shirts, I can jinx her career? Well, if so, I’m a Britney Spears concert apparel wearing mofo. Next time you see a blonde girl covered head to toe in Britney Spears garbage, that’s me. Hell, I’ll even wear one of her stupid ass wigs. No need to thank me, people. I’m all about helping the human race, and charity, and all that shit.