Paris Hilton Might Really Be Going to Jail

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For the flagrant violation of her probation, the Los Angeles City Attorney filed papers Monday requesting that Paris Hilton spend at least 45 days in jail. TMZ reports:

While her license was suspended, Hilton was stopped by the CHP last January 15, and again by the L.A. County Sheriffs on February 27. The City Attorney will argue that Hilton certainly knew after she was stopped in January that she wasn’t allowed to drive, so the second stop was a flagrant violation of law. The documents suggest Hilton mistakenly relied on her lawyer’s assumption that Hilton had a right to drive, but the City Attorney claims in the legal papers that it’s a bogus argument. According to the papers, Hilton also failed to enroll in an alcohol education program within 21 days of the order directing her to do so….Prosecutors also want her to be ordered “not to consume any alcohol for a continuous period of 90 days.” During that 90-day period, prosecutors want her “to be monitored for alcohol consumption … by use of a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) device at her expense.”

Wow, that seems like a lot of effort for Paris. Last time I checked, public hangings weren’t that expensive. Plus, it’s almost like a party!

View the court documents here.

Paris yesterday at the grand opening of the Stoli Hotel Spa Lounge: