Tom Cruise Isn’t Going to Like This

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In her first acting job since 2005, Katie Holmes is reportedly having fun away from Tom Cruise on the set of Mad Money. Specifically, she’s having fun with her co-star, Adam Rothenberg. A source says:

They shot a scene in which Adam wrapped his arms around Katie’s waist, then the two of them had an intimate discussion. They lingered after the director said ‘cut’, and it got everyone talking…There’s definitely been some off-camera flirting. One day, Katie was touching Adam’s arm while they were talking, like girls do when they like somebody.”

This really could have been anybody, because we all knew that as soon as she got that collar off, she was going to go crazy. I mean, she’s been with Tom Cruise for almost three years. She’d probably let you do anal if you could reach the top shelf.

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Tom and Katie at the NY Rescue Workers Detoxification Project Benefit Gala on April 19. Yes, another Scientology organization aimed at sucking in more cult members.