Britney’s Big “Comeback” is on Hold

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Britney Spears, who had planned to perform a surprise live show at the L.A. nightclub Forty Deuce on Wednesday, unexpectedly canceled at the last minute. MSNBC says:

She wants to get back to performing on a small scale before she gets back in front of a big crowd,” according to a source, who says the singer apparently thought that the club, which is known for its burlesque shows, would be a good place for her first post-rehab appearance. Despite repeated rehearsals, at the last minute, someone decided Spears wasn’t quite ready and the show was nixed, according to sources. It may be rescheduled.”

I wonder what could have happened? Maybe the Forty Deuce just couldn’t handle the sheer star power of Britney Spears. Maybe Britney wanted her performance to be perfect and refused to settle. In a more likely scenario, Britney Spears canceled because her banjo player is a spy for the FBI and her microwave is keeping secrets about her or whatever other insane shit is still going through her mind.

Update: Jenny here. For those of you who emailed insisting the shots of Britney’s cellulite were Photoshopped on this post the other day, here are a couple zoomed in, rippled shots of two pictures from this post:

High resolution cameras grab or hide certain “flaws,” and it all depends on distance, how fast the subject is moving, lighting, angles, etc. And it’s not like she hasn’t been battling hail damage for years:

Photoshopping cellulite on Britney is no one’s hobby. It’s no secret the girl isn’t perfect, and there are plenty of real cellulite Britney pictures available, so please give our email a rest. We much prefer the “CLAIM YOUR AWARD EMAIL WINNER” emails. Because we’re winners. Yay!