Lindsay Lohan’s Driver is an Excellent Driver

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Lindsay Lohan’s personal driver, John Zagata, slammed into the car of Antonia Bennett, Tony Bennet’s daughter, on Wednesday and immediately jumped out to apologize. Oh wait, I mean the exact opposite:

John Zagata “was hostile with me. He ran into me, then got out of his car and started yelling at me,” singer Antonia Bennett told Page Six…Zagata was waiting to pick up Lohan in the parking lot of the recording studio in Burbank and talking on his cellphone when “he hit Antonia’s car. Then he has the nerve to jump out and scream, ‘Don’t you know who I am? I represent Lindsay Lohan! How dare you get in my way!’ He had no idea who Antonia was.” Morgan said that Zagata tried to blame Antonia “but [that] there were six witnesses, including the security guard who saw him ram her.” He said that Antonia was shaken up and that her car suffered close to $2,000 in damages. Zagata did not return our call.”

Jesus, does anyone who knows Lindsay Lohan know how to drive? Lindsay could find a way to total her car waiting in the drive thru at Wendy’s, and now her driver can’t seem to figure out the complexities of a parking lot without ramming into someone. I could fall asleep in a bumper car and not hit as many things as these idiots.